Youth Leadership graduates

The 2016-17 Haywood County Youth Leadership Class recently graduated and celebrated at a banquet at First South Community Center. The seniors graduated and the juniors were promoted to the junior ambassador program where they will serve on a board in the community during their senior year. The 2017-18 class was also introduced. The 24 new members are currently sophomores.

Graduates were Seniors: Adara Donald, Elliot Garrett, Taylor Ann King, Mary-Wyatt Pettigrew, Hannah Riley, Felescia Sanders, Ethan Baynes, Mary Ashton Barden, Sadie Sharpe, Will Chapman, Morgan Hendrix, Mikayla Flagg, Demarko Reed, Jacob Smith, Brandon Taylor, Kamya Burrell, and Quintavious Toliver. Juniors members are: Amelya Cooper, Trever Dancy, Adam Jollo, Benjamin Rodriguez, Delmy G Ortega, Landon Wilson, Alexis Rodriguez, Shimya Harper, Logan Wilburn, and Rashun Tyus

Haywood Youth Leadership is a county-wide project of the Chamber of Commerce and the Haywood County School System for HHS juniors and seniors. It is designed to foster leadership skills and expose young leaders to the different elements that interact to form a strong and dynamic community.

The primary objectives are: 1) To identify students who have exhibited leadership qualities and the desire to use them for making their community better. 2) To give participants the opportunity to interact with community leaders and decision makers. 3) To present programs, which allow participants to become familiar with the various needs, opportunities, resources and problems of Haywood County. Leadership consists of eight sessions.