“Hats off” to Sunny Hill custodians

Sunny Hill staff and students spent Thursday, October 20, honoring their custodial staff on Custodians Appreciation Day. Honored were Napoleon Muex, Kevin Jackson, Debra Harris and Caroline Foster.
Some classrooms decorated a bulletin board honoring the custodians. Ohers also decorated a table with western-themed placemats and goodie bags that had western-style snacks:  beanie weenies, vienna sausages, beef jerky, barbeque chips, and trail mix. They also provided a meal for the custodians:  chili and cornbread with pecan pie for dessert.
To prepare for the special day, the staff had a slide reminding students of Custodian Appreciation Week each day at Morning Meeting; and each classroom wrote a letter of thanks and posted it on their door on Thursday to personally thank the custodian who cares for their room.

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