Haywood County Board of Education’s monthly meeting held something special this week.  Along with the many business decisions and votes, Brittany Avent, Director, CTE/Secondary Education (9-12) visited and brought with her Marcus Quinn & Jacob McCord.   Marcus and Jacob are seniors at Haywood High School and exemplary students, as well as exemplary young men.  

Avent spoke about how the Curriculum and Accountability Department has been working hard to strengthen their partnership with TCAT (Tennessee College of Applied Technology) with a goal to provide transportation for any students interested in the programs at TCAT.    With 27 of these technical training schools state-wide, the intent was to make vocational education accessible and within commuting distance of every citizen of Tennessee.   

The training offered at the Tennessee College of Applied Technology is designed to meet the needs of the external customer, the employer, and the internal customer, the student.  To accomplish this, the schools have designed curricula that will train students to enter a career field, make a career change, and/or acquire the skills necessary for promotion.

In addition to full-time programs offered, Special Industry Training is offered to meet the demands of local employers for short- term custom designed programs.  Such programs result from employer specific inquiries and/or referrals from state agencies.

Marcus Quinn, enrolled in Computer Information Technology, spoke about starting his senior year unsure of his future.  He quickly became interested in computers and technology and is now dual enrolled and obtaining college credit and classes while still in high school.  He addressed the Board and thanked them for making it possible for him to “attend college in high school.” 

Jacob McCord, who was invited into a manufacturing class class his Freshman year, became interested in vocation, began the classes and will be enrolling in Industrial Maintainance at TCAT in his second semester.  Jacob who quickly saw the benefits of finishing high school with so much if his secondary education behind him, has already acquired his CVT Certification as well as having his OSHA 10 Certification.    

Both Marcus and Jacob are in the position to have shortened school days and graduate months earlier than their classmates yet both have decide to stay in school full time and graduate in May as to allow them continue their TCAT courses with dual enrollment.  They were very gracious and appreciative of the opportunity this has provided them. 

Ms Avent, continued speaking at the meeting of the benefits of our school’s partnership with TCAT.  She gave the board so much wonderful information and statistics on accountability, assessment, curriculum, and professional learning.  

Haywood County Schools have many wonderful things going on and Ms Avent, Marcus and Jacob made it all very real at this meeting.  They reminded everyone in attendance what a treasure Haywood County really has in our education system.