Students donate to Carl Perkins Center


Cindy Currie’s third-grade students adopted a child from the Carl Perkins Center and raised $230 to buy Christmas presents for him.


Currie sent home a note with her students before Thanksgiving break asking the parents to require their children to work for money that they could donate. She did not want the parents to simply give their child money; she wanted them to have to earn it.

Currie and her students met at Wal-Mart after school on Thursday, December 6, and spent the money that had raised. The students were excited that they had raised enough money to buy a bicycle! The next day Beth Wilson, Director of the Carl Perkins Center, came to their class. They shared some of their stories with her, too, and afterwards they helped load all of the gifts into her car.                                                                                         Pictures and article courtesy of Brownsville States-Graphic