Sunny Hill Open House offers

Assistant Principal Ms. Jackie Whitten, Mrs. Abby Hooper, and the Sunny Hill Leadership Team did an excellent job with Sunny Hill’s open house. The theme was “Passport to Success” and the school was set up like an airport with Stewards and Stewardess from our Beta Club to escort parents around the building and serve refreshments.??

Outside, guests were greeted by a Ground Crew with orange vests and flashlights to escort our passengers into the airport. The Captain and Copilot of SHS airlines greeted the passengers as they came in and shook a lot of hands and chatted with the passengers.??The flight crew hung airplanes in the hallway by the office, plus set up a luggage display and table for the prizes. They also made several concourse signs and large signs for the outside of the building to help direct passengers.??

The school had 157 entries for the cornucopia of door prizes. The passengers had to fill out a passport and have it stamped by all their teachers to be eligible to enter. There were an average of 294 parent and student signatures on the exploratory teachers’ sign-in sheets. It was estimated that 529 attended the event based on the average amount of people who came with each student.

“We hope everyone enjoyed the open house,” said Sunny Hill Principal Don Sims. ?

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