VIP Visits SHS

Have you visited with your state senator lately? The members of the SHS Student Council can answer “yes” to that question!  On Thursday, October 6, Senator Delores Gresham came to Sunny Hill and spoke to the leadership group of our school, the Student Council, about … LEADERSHIP!!!

Senator Gresham encouraged students to prepare themselves now to take on leadership roles in their community, state and country. She went around the room, challenging students to become their city’s mayor, county mayor, superintendent of schools, director of public works and other roles. Her advice to students – find your passion, get really good at it, love what you’re doing and you will find success.

This was a wonderful opportunity for our student leaders to hear from an adult who has risen to an important place of leadership, not only in her community, but in her state and country. Perhaps one of our Student Council members will take her advice and become a state senator in the future!

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